I've Tried Ways Feat. Serocee

from by Sola Rosa



You say what’s up? And I say up what?
When most a these cats blow they life like snot
I got most of what I got from not having a lot
And gave most of what I got for a solitary shot
So I look to the sky and I beg God forgive me
Then I release these demons within me
So let me begin we, lived life with roaches and rats in a one bed council flat
As a matter of fact, whenever I grab the mic and rap
I be speaking for my people on the corners and dat,
So I speak with linguistic speeches,
With a hope that it reaches
Those that vote and can quote from my thesis,
I - I know the powers within me,
Why you wanna take it and bin me,
Cos you see that I’ve bin me from the first day that you seen me,
Why you wanna fuck wid my dream B
Tell me what’s up

I’ve been trying
I’ve been trying so hard
But they can’t stop me

You can’t stop me reaching for the top, thought you want me to flop
And when they see me they be scheming for the day that I rot
They probably hope I get popped, or do a crime and get knocked but
It ain't gonna happen kid believe it or not
So I am not gonna stop till I reach where I’m reaching
Cos even if I’m wheezing I’m breathing
Mamma never raised no fool, so I’m keeping my cool
Use my brain as my weapon and the mic as my tool
The - words that I speak are razor sharp
Just to penetrate your brain skin flesh and your heart
I try to reach parts none others can reach; I’m like that beer
I quench your thirst for knowledge thirst when I speak
It ain’t about being the best
It ‘s about having to stamina to go when all the others take a rest
This music is a mission it ain’t no contest
So as long as blood pump in my chest you dun know I’m gonna…


How can I phrase this?
Most of these rappers would sell they whole soul just to make it on a play list
Then get played if they fit the bill of chatting murda murda murda, kill kill kill
But time don’t stand still and the world keeps turning
Even as we get older we keep on learning
We keep the fire burning,
Even when we feel like we fighting for nothing we just keep on surging
Keep moving forward, don’t look back
Keep our mind on the future with an eye on the past
Nothing lasts forever that saying is true
Like Karma everything comes back so watch what you do
And I been doing this for years
I had promises to make it, but alas I wasn’t prepared
So now I sit teary eyed, all alone in my room hoping nobody can hear me cry
Until the day that I die I never want to wonder what if - and that s why I’ve got to try


from Get It Together (Deluxe Edition), track released March 2, 2009
(J. Thompson, A. Spraggon)

Serocee – Vocals
Andrew Spraggon – Production, Synths, Synth Bass, Cuts, Programming
Ben White – Guitars


all rights reserved



Sola Rosa Auckland, New Zealand

From a humble, self-released one man project, Sola Rosa has grown to a high-octane live collective, successfully melding hip hop, reggae, latin, soul and funk. The group have collaborated with artists such as Spikey Tee, Olivier Daysoul, Kevin Mark Trail, Tawiah and Noah Slee while a number of tracks have been remixed by producers as noteworthy as Tall Black Guy, The Nextmen, DJ Vadim and TM Juke. ... more

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